The city of Rome offers special fees for SETAC participants for several interesting tours. You can buy tickets in the Tourist Information Points (P.I.T.) in Rome. There are P.I.T. offices in the airports (Fiumicino & Ciampino), in the city centre and in the congress centre. You will receive the discount if you show your meeting badge.

Please note that SETAC Europe is only suggesting those social tours but is not responsible for organising them.

Stones Can Talk and They’ve Got a Lot to Tell Us. The marble blocks still visible in the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Caesar are the starting point for a fascinating tour in discovery of magnificent archaeological sites and a temple that was at the heart of events in Ancient Rome. A tour created by Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano. Visitors will have the chance to see two exciting portrayals of life in Ancient Rome, reconstructed within the Imperial Fora using light, images, film and animation. The two reconstructions will be accompanied by a wealth of historic and scientific information, music and a tale by Piero Angela. 

In 8 languages: Italian, English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese 

Forum of Augustus

Visitors will stand on a flight of Roman stairs to watch a multimedia show portraying the history of the Forum and temple dedicated to Mars Ultor, commissioned by Augustus in memory of Julius Caesar. It was a temple that stood nine floors high and towered over the Forum of Augustus; access was via the halls of the courthouse. The tale also touches on the figure of Augustus, whose giant statue, a good 12 metres tall, dominated the area next to the temple.

Forum of Caeser

In this part of the tour, visitors walk within the Forum itself and among the marble that remains of this enormous piazza, which at the time was surrounded by majestic colonnades and overshadowed by the imposing temple of Venus Genetrix. The tour explores the role of the Forum in the lives of the Roman people and the figure of Julius Caesar, an intelligent and ambitious man, idolised by some but hated and feared by others.


  • 14th or 15th of May 2018 from 8 pm to 11 pm (last entry)
  • Special Price single ticket: 25% of discount, only Ceaser Forum or Augustus Forum – € 11 with booking service; € 10 without booking service – only at the event ticket office
  • Full rate: € 16 (included booking fee)
  • Special Price COMBO ticket – Ceaser Forum + Augustus Forum 30% of discount – € 19 with booking service; € 17 without booking service – only at the event ticket office
  • Full rate: € 27 (included booking fee).

Is a multimedia narrative, in which history and technology meet for an immersive and multi-sensory view of the Ara Pacis. A preview of a unique, innovative Augmented Reality experience: by superimposing virtual elements to visual perception, you can learn about the historical, environmental and artistic context of the monument over the centuries. People, gestures, gods and animals come to life in 3d to illustrate, in colour, the origins of Rome and the family of Augustus.

Ara Pacis as it was

Few monuments have had the capacity of the Ara Pacis to transmit the beliefs, ideals and ambitions of a ruling class at the apex of its power. In the centuries that followed, this monumental altar has seen and featured in events that can today be relived thanks to a multi-medial spectacle called “L’ARA COM’ERA”. It represents the first systematic augmented and virtual reality project devised specifically to increase appreciation for Rome’s cultural heritage. Use of particular AR visors (Samsung GearVR) and the cameras that have been built into them, both virtual and real elements merge together within the visual field of visitors to provide them with a fully immersive and multi-sensorial view of the altar commissioned by Augustus to celebrate the peace he had wrought on one of the most extensive empires that has ever existed.

The route, divided into 9 points of interest (POI), begins with a 360° (POI 1 and 2) view of a scene that takes visitors back in time, allowing them to move around the Campus Martius as it was during the days of Augustus, to soar over the Ara Pacis and take part in the sacrificial scene performed by real actors.

In the POIs that follow, the characters, divinities, plants and animals represented on the altar’s marble surfaces come to life in magnificent 3D. imagined and elaborated in specialist studios to recapture the colours that once enriched the original reliefs.

On the Ara Pacis, as an extraordinary message to posterity, the origins of Rome merge with that of the Augustus family, to represent the fate of a city that becomes an empire and those of a dynasty that dominates it.


  • 12th or 18th of May 2018 from 7.45 pm to 10.30 pm (last entry)
  • Special Price: 15% discount – € 11 with booking service; € 10 without booking service – only at the ticket office of Museum
  • Full rate: € 13 (booking fee included )