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Science & Risk Communication meeting

Sunday 13 May, 12:50 p.m. – 5:30 p.m., Meeting Room 10

Thomas-Benjamin Seiler, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Annegaaike Leopold, Calidris Environment BV, Netherlands

Mario Carere, Italian Institute of Health, Italy

Starting with its foundation at the SETAC Europe meeting in Barcelona, 2015, SETAC Europe Interest Group (IG) on Science and Risk Communication (SCIRIC) sets out to improve science and risk communication of SETAC research. The IG wants to achieve this goal through two main approaches, the pillars PEOPLE and TOPIC of their working programme.

PEOPLE means to focus on the experience, expertise opinion and interest regarding science and risk communication, to build a network of competences across SETAC and collect ideas and wishes that allow us to focus our work on the needs of SETAC membership. Based on this, SCIRIC will develop tailored trainings to help SETAC members to engage with different audiences.

TOPIC aims at analysing environmental sciences with respect to the peculiarities of the topic, deriving specific requirements of science and risk communication from environmental sciences (and hence: SETAC), and defining necessary features of promising communication tools, concepts and strategies, that are then to be identified or even developed.

SCIRIC has established working groups (WGs) for both pillars. The PEOPLE WG started collecting contact details of SETAC members with expertise and/or experience in science and risk communication, based on the membership directory and presentations at SETAC conferences. In parallel, a survey on outreach activities by SETAC members and their institutions was set up, that should help us to decide on future directions of SCIRIC work. The TOPIC WG just started at the Brussels meeting in 2017 and is currently in the process of defining first steps and assigning tasks.

At this stage of SCIRIC activities, it is deemed necessary to get into contact with SETAC members that are interested in our work, and could benefit from what we are doing and planning to do in the future. Hence, this meeting on science and risk communication will allow us to comprehensively connect with the SETAC membership, learn about your views of science and risk communication, and work together with all participants on future SCIRIC activities.

During this half day activity, we will review the state of work within SCIRIC and the state of outreach activities from environmental sciences/SETAC, with the help of two professionals who give impulse presentations building on specific aspects that they have identified beforehand to be important but weak/improvable in our case. You will learn hands-on with familiar examples, and we as SCIRIC will benefit from your discussions, questions and ideas.

12.50: Welcoming and some words about the purpose and the programme

13.00: Introduction of the speakers

13.05: Presentation No. 1 including topics relevant for the PEOPLE pillar

13.25: Presentation No. 2 including topics relevant for the TOPIC pillar

13.45: Discussion with audience, complemented by a panel of persons representing all SETAC sectors (Academia, Business (Industry and Consultancy), Government), media and NGOs

Workshop on improving science and risk communication from environmental sciences and especially SETAC research

14.05: Open Space: collect questions from the audience based on a survey and preceding presentations and discussions.

14.45: BREAK

15.15: The outcome from the Open Space will be compiled to hypotheses that are as specific as possible. These hypotheses will be the initial questions transformed by the answers, views and opinions that were collected.

15.35: The hypotheses will be further discussed and solutions will be formulated during a World Café.

16.35: Define specific topics for the future work on improving science and risk communication

16.45: The final outcomes will be presented to the audience, and a final discussion with the presenters and  panelists from part I will take place to fine-tune the topics (these topics will be included in the SCIRIC working programme)

17:25: Final wrap-up and acknowledgements

17:30: Farewell

Participation costs 65€. You can register in combination with the conference registration.


For any questions, feel free to contact Thomas-Benjamin Seiler or Roel Evens (scientific programme), or Veerle Vandeveire (meeting registration).